pachacuti- be the change

by Pachacuti

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Pachacuti is a social and environmental awareness campaign that employs the entertainments and arts as a vehicle for its message. Pachacuti's message is to inspire everyone into action to live, think and plan sustainably for our future.

Pacha - ‘the world’, and cuti - ‘upside down’. What a fantastic old-world word for the chaos of the current one – a civilisation in a spiral of decline that seems frighteningly terminal. Thankfully the word also means ‘restoring balance’ and ‘putting things right’ and these are the aspirational goals that drive

Put simply, we’re concerned that the bus of global civilisation is accelerating towards environmental and social calamity and, like the majority of our fellow travellers, we’re finding it difficult to follow the road signs. Our energies are dedicated to reducing that confusion wherever possible. is wholly self-funded project, and all profits are turned back into promoting our operation. Our philosophical interest centres on long term sustainability of the human species. Our immediate aim is to provide information and to promote public debate on the complex issues confronting us in the 21st Century. By offering holistic perspectives based on physical evidence, pragmatic science, logic and reason, we hope to contribute to the necessary global change.

We have no political or religious affiliations; in fact we see many elements of both as major contributors to the current circumstances.

We target all levels of society, from the top-down and the bottom-up, and loosely categorise our subject issues as environmental, social and philosophical, though they are in reality all one and the same beast.

The website is the hub of our activities and includes a forum for discussion and reader contribution.

A collaboration with Aria award-winning composer and songwriter Tony King, has seen the fruition of this recording. These beautiful, dramatic and poetic compositions are inspired by the Pachacuti social and environmental message, and provide the soundtrack to other Pachacuti projects in the works.

Enjoy the music!

George Trembath
Author, Advocate and Founder of - promoting fresh perspectives


released September 1, 2010

All tracks written, arranged & composed by Tony King  

 Produced by George Trembath & Tony King  

 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Tony King  

 Recorded at Moonlight Cactus Studios, Sydney

 Tony King: instrumentation and male vocals  

 Steve Clisby: vocal narration on track 11  

 Nina Vox: female vocals  

 Kim Sanders: Duduk and Flute on Track 1

 Elizabeth Andalis-Violin on Track 10

 David Harris- Irish Flute on Track 10



all rights reserved


Pachacuti Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: be the change
Be the Change (Pachacuti)
Composed by Tony King © 2009

Pachacuti is an old Inca word meaning….out with the old and in with the new.
out with the old and in with the new. Pachacuti
The world, has a pair of lungs, they’re called trees
But when you chop them down or you burn them to the ground,
You bring her to her knees
There are cars and cars and cars and cars… far as the eye can see.
And the ice caps, they are melting into the sea, which is rising
The world is cooking itself from all the CO2, from me, and you.
What can we do? There’s a lot we can do.
And what if we don’t? The weather will change. The world will be strange.
Don’t get me wrong. There’ll still be a small place on earth we can cling to survival, but everyone will be there.
Imagine 7 billion people or more squashed on a thin strip around the middle of the world.
Water will become scarce in China, India too.
What can we do? Oh there’s a lot we can do.
Over 90% of Scientists now believe that human induced climate change is real.
But what can one person do? Just about everything in the world that you love was thought of by one person, and that thought, that once seemed impossible, became action! And your thought, and my thought, become our thought,
That’s when the world will change.
The world stands on the edge of making a choice, of making a change.
And as Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the World”….Be the change you want to see in the World” Be the change you want to see in the World”